Davines Naturaltech Well-being Conditioner Review

I purchased Davines Naturaltech Well-being Conditioner because I bought the shampoo and I thought I’d try them together. Although I did not dislike the way my hair felt when I used this conditioner, I don’t like the price point of this conditioner.

Well-being conditioner


pH Level: 5.5

Mia’s review:  I thought this conditioner worked fine with the corresponding shampoo. Compared to all other Davines conditioners, I felt like I needed to use a little bit more to coat my hair and make it feel soft, perhaps because it isn’t as thick. I didn’t dislike the results though. I’d still be using it except that it costs ~$5 less than the other Davines conditioners and is a much smaller size.  It comes in a  5 ounce bottle and lasts about a month. Whereas the usual Davines jars of conditioner are ~8 ounces and lasts for 2 months. The smell is also okay. Not as good as Oi or Love but still a slightly perfume-y scent that makes it much better than the conditioner that ended up being my go-to.

If you prefer your conditioner to come in a bottle or if your hair isn’t super dry or coarse then you might really like this conditioner.

Ingredients*: Water , Glycerin , Cetyl Alcohol , Cetearyl Alcohol , Cetrimonium Chloride , Echinacea Pallida Extract , Simmondsia Chinensis Seed OilSimmondsia Chinensis [Jojoba] Seed Oil , Citric Acid , Benzyl Alcohol , Sodium Benzoate , Disodium EDTA , Limonene , Benzyl Salicylate , Fragrance

*The ingredients list may or may not be accurate depending on the source of the list and manufacturer updates/changes.

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