List of Products

Below are links to lists of skincare products I’ve tested that have an acidic pH level that is lower than 6.0. 

If you are new to my blog, then please click here to learn more about the pH level of skin, why I created this blog, and why you should only use products with a pH level lower than 6.0. If you are interested in buying pH strips, these are the ones I use.

Please note that these strips aren’t a perfect science so the pH levels noted below are estimates only. There is also some variation between batches of products and a manufacturer may have made changes to their formula since I tested.

Note: the links below will take you to a list of products that I’ve tested and their pH levels. If I’ve written a review, a link to it is also included.

**If you are looking for referral links and codes to save on sites like SkincareRx, Skinstore, Curology, Glow Recipe, etc., please click here.**


6 thoughts on “List of Products

  1. Pat Moore says:

    Mia, I am 76 years old next month and I thank you very, very much for doing this research for us. I don’t itch with Dove Sensitive bar, I hate the smell and do itch with Cetaphil bar, so I will go back to Vanicream bar soon. Believe it or not, my skin likes Dial White bar in the summer when I perspire and yes, I know about the triclosan. But thanks to you, I will return to Vanicream soon.
    Patricia Moore
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    15 Jan 2017


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