Mineral Fusion Anti-dandruff Shampoo Review

When my pH strips arrived in the mail, I spent the rest of the day testing EVERY product in the house. I was surprised to find that Mineral Fusion Anti-dandruff shampoo had an acidic pH. This is the shampoo my husband uses everyday…for something like the past 3 years. I buy it because it isn’t tested on animals.


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Davines Well-Being Shampoo Review

I am writing a few posts on shampoo because it affects the scalp, which is skin. And also because while researching the pH of facial products, I learned that pH is also important for shampoo/conditioner. A high pH shampoo may lead to cuticle damage and frizzy hair. When I was researching pH strips, I found a lot of comments made by women who were using them to test their hair products because they wanted to reduce frizz.

I’m a big fan of Davines products in general. I really like the Well-Being Shampoo from their naturaltech line and love the artwork on the bottle.  I recently switched to silicone-free hair products and was happy to find that they offer a lot of shampoos and conditioners that are silicone-free.


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